Beautiful Chinese Lanterns That Will Blow Your Mind

Time to see some beautiful Chinese lanterns. I remember as a kid my mum bought a red Chinese lantern and hanged it on the terrace. I sat all evening and admired the red semblance.

So due to that fact and the fact that they are awesome in the design, I collected some really good ones for you to admire.

Just before let´s get some historical facts.  The earliest Chinese lanterns were created for use in the house and for use as entrance-way lighting. It was quickly discovered that the lantern made an excellent “flash-light”, or portable lighting medium.

Historical experts believe that the first such “flash-light” was in fact the Chinese lantern. It´s also believe that the very concept of street lighting that eventually emerged in Europe stems from European contact with Imperial China, where “street lighting”, in the form of the Chinese lantern hanging on doors and gateways.

Though there is no longer a practical rationale for the Chinese lantern (modern lighting is far superior to the old-fashioned oil lamp), the Chinese lantern is still made – and used and enjoyed by Chinese people, including by the Chinese diaspora’s.

But it is also made, used and enjoyed by peoples everywhere, as the Chinese lantern continues to be a vehicle for personal artistic expression, both in terms of functionality, design and embellishment.

Six Beautiful Chinese Lanterns

beautiful Chinese lanterns

beautiful Chinese lanterns

beautiful Chinese lanterns

beautiful Chinese lanterns

beautiful Chinese lanterns

beautiful Chinese lanterns

中華民族優秀燈 – In Chinese – Beautiful Chinese Lanterns, I think…

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