Johannes Stötter Body Painting Art

Johannes Stötter Body Painting Art. I stumble across him by chance tonight and got really impressed. He is an artist, musician and fine-art-bodypainter. He has always been a passionate artist and his work are influenced by spiritual and nature-related themes. Johannes won the Bodypainting World Championchip in 2012! He was also the winner of the Bodypainting awards beauty forum Munich, Germany 2010 & 2011, beauty forum Zürich, 2011

After being in the lead already in the Semi-final he could convince the jury also in the final and won the world award in the category brush/sponge.  He was born in 1978 in South Tyrol (Italy) and the studied at University of Innsbruck, Austria. He is also a founder of the Celtic-Folk-band Burning MInd.

The frog is a masterpiece, consisting of 5 persons that makes up the frog. Brilliant and totally awesome.  So with this background information, lets see ten supercreative Body Painting Art examples from Johannes Stötter.

Johannes Stötter Body Painting Art


Johannes-Stotter2 Johannes-Stotter3







The tropical frog consisting of five people if you look carefully.


Wow. That was awesome. I am so impressed. What´s your opinion?

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  1. Art-Lover says:

    Thanks for the post! Johannes Stötter pictures are amazing… I found some Body Art pictures of Johannes Stötter in Art Days, here is the link! Enjoy!

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