Light Up November With Bright Webdesign

In tonight’s post I share some really good-looking and bright webdesign with you. I spent the last hour of searching and these are my favourites. There is so many beautiful sites around that I had a really tough time to pick out a few.

But  after sweating in despair I finally got a list of 15 smashing and interesting websites that is “la creme dela creme” in a mixed category.  So no more talking, let´s head on to the list.

Some examples of bright webdesign

Emily Smith

emily smith
Singlepage design with a retro feeling

Test it live

Marco Z

marco z
A very personal site with a retro feeling

Test it live

Ever Lovin

modern design
Very appealing and modern design

Test it live

Stena Bulk

Very cool and unique menu system

Test it live

Stratis Bakas

A very cool and dark theme.
A very cool and dark theme. The social integration in the menu is awesome

Test it live


Nice colours and Jquery effects. The tilting Menu is a bit unique

Test it live


Red and warm with a left sidebar.

Test it live


Very colourful with big image slider. The perfect tea site

Test it live

Running for cause

Beautiful single page design
Beautiful single page design

Test it live

Webdevelopment group

Different colours on the different sides. I like this one.

Test it live


Bright Webdesign
One of my favourites. The design is amazing and the message is just unbeatable.

Test it live


This one is a bit hard for your eyes. But it´s fun to watch and the background keeps changing

Test it live


Like a old document but it is awesome.

Test it live


Bright Webdesign
Strong colours and very good. But why do the blog link opens in new window?

Test it live


Pretty cool with big fonts and changing colours

Test it live

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