Parallax Scrolling

Cool Websites Using Parallax Scrolling

What is Parallax Scrolling? Well basic it uses multiple backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds to create a feeling of depth and an interesting browsing experience.

There are some awesome examples out there and I collected some of them. There are probably loads of whom I missed, but you get the feeling though. Click on the image to visit the site.

We start with and their truly inspirational webpage. Like how the yellow stripe comes into the page when scrolling into the dark area. Brilliant site.

4 Websites Using Parallax Scrolling

Cool Websites Using Parallax Scrolling - Cantilever chippy

Online Portfolio of Jan Ploch is another awesome site that uses Parallax. I like the way it represents a bottle.

jan ploch

Head2heart is a playful showing the longest journey that a man must take in his lifetime is the 18 inches from head to the heart. I am so impressed..


Ben the body guard was my first experience with parralax webdesign and this one is still one of my absolute favourites. Who wanna mess with Ben?


This concludes the example list of parallax scrolling

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