Photoshoped Swedish Milk Packaging

Photoshoped Swedish Milk Packaging . I just took an ordinary image I found on Google and played around with it in Photoshop.  I don´t usually drink milk,  but I like my coffee white.  Don´t know why I come to think of milk, but I decided to grab a image and apply some changes to it. The result isn´t that amazing, just did it for fun.

I been working all day and the lack of time disturbed me. But hey, that´s life and I will do a more elaborated version some other night.  I just used some actions and blending modes. So if you haven´t seen a Swedish milk box or packaging, don´t really now what it´s English name is, tetra pack?

What the heck, we are not here for the semantics. So here are some versions of milk and it´s wrapping.

Photoshoped Swedish Milk Packaging

Original image and it´s very elegant and clean.


Image being adjusted with Linear burn!


Here I used the Blizzard action.


Here I used the aged photo action.


Here I used the angular fisheye action and reversed it.


This on got retro redish styled.


Taken from the old-school by a combination of action and warm filter.


Simply inverted it and then spiced up the colors, maybe a bit to much..


So there you go!  Milk in different styles.

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