Stop Illegal Hunting Poster Art

Stop illegal hunting poster art is tonight’s post. I been all day at work and then I had to do several other things. The tiredness hit me and I felt for publish something. But I hadn´t a clue of what to publish. So I picked a photo of a lion and turned it into a poster. Not right dimensions though.

But this message is always important. We hunt for pleasure and soon the lions will be extinct. Not just only the loins, loads of animals are living on the verge of extinction. How could this go on? But since this is a blog about design I thought I could connect these two aspects in one poster.

So this post is for you all people who cares and also for all lions and other animals suffering from human insanity.

Stop Illegal Hunting Poster art

Click on image for a bigger size
Stop Illegal Hunting Poster art

Written by Jonny

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