The Snail Is At HDR Photo Track

The Snail Is At HDR Photo Track. The other day I took my camera and started to shoot in RAW format. It was a new experience and what a big size they are. So I learned some new functions in Adobe Bridge and I had 3 images with different exposure. Then used all 3 and opened them with HDR PRO.

The result is not great, I have a lot to learn yet, but never the less I publish this post. I will start to explore the wonderful world of HDR photo. So meanwhile I just have this to offer.

This is one of my exposured photo´s before putting them into the aligning stack and then applied the the HDR process.


This is one version of the HDR snail!


This is another version of the HDR snail!


So as you see, not the wow thing. But as my first attempt it is quite OK.


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