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  • Grammar Cheat Sheet for Bloggers

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    Grammar Cheat Sheet for Bloggers

    Tonight I got a mail from Paul at artofblog who suggested an article – “Grammar Cheat Sheet for Bloggers” it´s about the importance of using the correct grammar at the blog. I read the article and it contained a lot of useful information. So I decided to share that useful stuff on my site. Excerpt […] More

  • 10 Beautiful Dog Inspired Logotypes

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    10 Beautiful Dog Inspired Logotypes

    Check out some Dog Inspired Logotypes.Every company needs a good logo and when it comes to companies involving dogs, well then the dog should be at focus, and by no means look angry! The only exceptions I can come up with is that you involves a angry looking dog in a sports-logo, like ice hockey […] More

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  • Full-screen Websites - Royal Ascot Like Nowhere Else

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    10 Great Examples of Full-screen Websites

    Full-screen Websites can be very attractive. If you find the perfect image or background for your website, then you should consider using a full-screen as your design. Tonight I collected 10 great examples that used the entire screen, instead of traditional design. 10 Great Examples of Full-screen Websites 24h for a resourceful future Very cool […] More

  • Beautiful Vintage Disney Movie Posters

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    Beautiful Vintage Disney Movie Posters

    It feels great to start publishing here again. I kick of with vintage Disney movie posters. The brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney founded 1923 – the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. They also operated under the names The Walt Disney Studio and then Walt Disney Productions. The same year animator Walt Disney created a […] More

  • best photos for your website

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    3 Places to Get the Best Photos For Your Website

    Where do you get best photos for your website? Photography is one of the most important elements that makes a website visual. “A picture is worth a thousand words” Photos contain visual images of still emotions. High-resolution photography on a site can make a website look much more professional and appealing to the average website […] More

  • Websites With Full Screen Photo Backgrounds

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    20 Websites With Full Screen Photo Backgrounds

    20 Websites with full screen photo backgrounds. The Usage of large photos as a background in your web design is gaining popularity. I believe that it´s the perfect choice for like portfolio sites. But why be so strict? Would it be wrong to put it in say a big brand. Well it depends as always […] More

  • Cool Retro Logos

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    15 Elegant Designs Of Cool Retro Logos

    15 elegant designs of cool retro logos. I have written several posts on the topic of logotypes and also showcased some of my favourites. Well it´s time for that again and we go retro as well. The logo of a company is vital for your strategy. It have to catch the interest and yet be […] More

  • The Internet War Report 2013

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    Infographic – The Internet War Report 2013

    In this great infographic – The Internet War Report 2013, from , they examine the current state of the internet based on areas of market share: browser, mobile vendor, non-mobile operating system, social media, and mobile operating system. It is very interesting facts and there is definitely a war out there. When it comes […] More

  • Supercool Movie Posters By Doaly


    Supercool Movie Posters By Doaly

    Supercool movie posters by Doaly. He describes himself as a designer, doodler, photographer, day dreamer, part time superhero. Sounds like a very healthy balance. Doaly has his own blog where you can see more of his work. The site can be viewed here. Supercool Movie Posters By Doaly Rush alternative movie poster After watching the […] More

  • Awesome Steampunk Art

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    New Fresh Steampunk Art – From Pintrest & Tumblr

    New Fresh Steampunk Art. Hey readers, it´s time for some classic steampunk again. Those who read my blog knows I am a huge fan of this art form. I believe it´s share magic and tonight I browsed Pintrest & Tumblr for giving you really cool and mostly new steampunk art. The art form is a […] More

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