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  • Awesome Steampunk Art

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    New Fresh Steampunk Art – From Pintrest & Tumblr

    New Fresh Steampunk Art. Hey readers, it´s time for some classic steampunk again. Those who read my blog knows I am a huge fan of this art form. I believe it´s share magic and tonight I browsed Pintrest & Tumblr for giving you really cool and mostly new steampunk art. The art form is a […] More

  • Johannes Stötter Body Painting Art

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    Johannes Stötter Body Painting Art

    Johannes Stötter Body Painting Art. I stumble across him by chance tonight and got really impressed. He is an artist, musician and fine-art-bodypainter. He has always been a passionate artist and his work are influenced by spiritual and nature-related themes. Johannes won the Body-painting World Championship in 2012! He was also the winner of the […] More

  • Colourful Street Art Cuba

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    Colourful Street Art Cuba

    Colourful street art Cuba. Tonight I searched the web for beautiful street art from Cuba. This great list is what I came up with. Street art is an art-form developed in public spaces, that is, “in the streets” — though the term usually refers to unsanctioned art, as opposed to government sponsored initiatives. The term can […] More

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  • Ruud van Empel’s Magical Vision Of Paradise

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    Ruud van Empel’s Magical Vision Of Paradise

    Ruud van Empel’s magical vision of paradise! Many of the “models” found in the Dutch photographer van Empel’ works have an outer-worldly appearance and they live in an paradise environment. That’s because van Empel doesn’t find his models, he builds them – out of pixels. For each child, or set of twins, he photographs four […] More

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    Alka By Sergio Araya Caneo

    Alka by Sergio Araya Caneo is truly mind bending. I don´t have much information about him, but I think he comes from Chile and he´s work can been seen on and, where I first spotted his work. So without any details at the moment I let his illustrations speak for them self. Art Director: Sergio […] More

  • Cool Seinfeld Prints


    Awesome Cool Seinfeld Prints Showcase

    Awesome cool Seinfeld prints showcase. See the retro stylish prints with quotes from Jerry Seinfeld. I found them to be very amusing and just run into them by accident. For all the incredible adjectives you could use to describe Seinfeld, “stylish” is probably not the first that comes to mind. From Jerry’s blindingly white sneakers […] More

  • Classic Artistic Steampunk Showcase

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    Classic Artistic Steampunk Showcase

    Classic artistic steampunk showcase for your senses and for your fantasy. This is a great list for steampunk lovers. A popular idea is that H. G. Wells and Jules Verne were the originators of steampunk. This is not really true. Despite its anachronistic veneer, steampunk is a very contemporary genre expressing contemporary interests and concerns. […] More

  • Awesome pictures with photo manipulations

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    Awesome Pictures With Photo Manipulations

    Awesome pictures with photo manipulations. Tonight I scrambled the web for great photo manipulations to put on my site. This is techniques for photographers to create an illusion or deception through analog or digital means. Before computers, photo manipulation was achieved by retouching with ink,double-exposure, paint, piecing photos or negatives together in the darkroom. Darkroom […] More

  • Photo manipulations By Jeannette Oerlemans

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    Photo manipulations By Jeannette Oerlemans

    Photo manipulations By Jeannette Oerlemans. She is a photographer from the Netherlands and in her spare time she likes photography and Photoshop. Previously she drew and painted and was always busy with various hobbies. But when the digital photo era emerged , the world opened for her. And this is the biggest hobby for her […] More

  • Great Colourful Indian Street Art

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    Great Colorful Indian Street Art II

    Great colourful Indian street art II is a follow up on my previous post. I noticed it had some impact, I got some mails from people who loved the post. So I decided to post another one, part II and I do so gladly.  The street life of India is world famous, but the street […] More

  • Great Colourful Indian Street Art

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    Great Colourful Indian Street Art

    Great colourful Indian street art. I got the inspiration from TV. It´s a film on now from India and I felt I had to search for typical Indian art. The search was over my expectations. I was just curious in the beginning, but then I felt I had to share it with you readers. What […] More

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