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  • astonishing steampunk artworks

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    10 Cool and Astonishing Steampunk Artworks That Will Blow Your Mind

    One simply just never get tired of astonishing steampunk artworks. In short one can say that Steampunk is a fusion of tech and fantasy where it combines scientific and technological advancements with fantasy. It often contains science fiction models, I don´t know how many articles I published about steampunk artworks. So tonight I decided to […] More

  • Cool Retro Logos

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    15 Elegant Designs Of Cool Retro Logos

    15 elegant designs of cool retro logos. I have written several posts on the topic of logotypes and also showcased some of my favourites. Well it´s time for that again and we go retro as well. The logo of a company is vital for your strategy. It have to catch the interest and yet be […] More

  • Supercool Movie Posters By Doaly

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    Supercool Movie Posters By Doaly

    Supercool movie posters by Doaly. He describes himself as a designer, doodler, photographer, day dreamer, part time superhero. Sounds like a very healthy balance. Doaly has his own blog where you can see more of his work. The site can be viewed here. Supercool Movie Posters By Doaly Rush alternative movie poster After watching the […] More

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  • Remo Lienhard Hardcore Street Art Showcase

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    Remo Lienhard Hardcore Street Art Showcase

    Remo Lienhard  hardcore street art showcase is my last post for today. Remo Lienhard or Wes as he calls himself belongs to an elite group of street artists called the Schwarzmaler. Remo is a graphic designer and also do sculpture and illustrations. This Swiss multimedia artist is highly welcome to my home-town to do some […] More

  • Cartoon Character Mashups Of Logotypes

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    Cartoon Character Mashups Of Logotypes

    Cartoon character mashups of logotypes is today´s post. The artist Stefan Asafti provides us with cartoons as brands?” What if the world was ONE BIG CARTOON? How would great brands look like, inspired by cartoon characters? Well, below you may find the answer. There is a special relationship between the character and the brand. It’s […] More

  • Creative Twitter Backgrounds


    Creative Twitter Backgrounds – Examples

    Here are some creative Twitter backgrounds. When availing any of the social networking services, you become capable to share different things of the mutual interest, which include attention grabbing images, sending and receiving the messages and even music. Among all the social networking web sites, one which is well known and utilized by thousands of […] More

  • creative business cards

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    20 Creative Business Cards You Must See

    20 creative business cards you must see is today´s post. If you want to promote yourself then having inventive business cards is a must. People really becomes impressed when you give them a unique designing that both speaks to their profession and makes a lasting impact. If you’re in the process of personal branding, you […] More

  • 10 Beautiful Light Animal Marks From May

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    10 Beautiful Light Animal Marks From May

    My third post tonight is 10 Beautiful Light Animal Marks From May. I found them on and they are created by George Bokhua. He is a graphic designer from Tbilisi, Georgia. As I wrote in the previous post it´s a great example of “less is more”. See also 10 beautiful dark animal marks from May 10 Beautiful […] More

  • 10 Beautiful Dark Animal Marks From May

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    10 Beautiful Dark Animal Marks From May

    10 beautiful dark animal marks from May that is very clean and striking. The old term “Less is more ” comes to life here.  They are a mix of  branding s and Graphic Design and are all Illustrated. They all have a grey background and white animal. Very tasteful and very clean. 10 Beautiful Dark Animal Marks […] More

  • 20 New Dark Logotypes Inspiration From May

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    20 New Dark Logotypes Inspiration From May

    Tonight II searched the web for 20 new dark logotypes inspiration from May. I used seven different logotypes sites to fill the list. A logo is a perspicuous glyph or symbolic, identifying mark that conveys origin, identity, or ownership. The main function is to elicit recognition. The complex things about logos is how “simple” they […] More

  • Stunning Water Photo Manipulations

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    Stunning Water Photo Manipulations Showcase

    Stunning water photo manipulations showcase is today´s post. Usually we think of water in terms of drinking or cleaning our clothes and so on. The water is very precious for us and is a great lack in some countries. It´s the most single important item for our survival. It´s plays a  vital role for our […] More

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