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  • 10 Beautiful Dog Inspired Logotypes

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    10 Beautiful Dog Inspired Logotypes

    Check out some Dog Inspired Logotypes.Every company needs a good logo and when it comes to companies involving dogs, well then the dog should be at focus, and by no means look angry! The only exceptions I can come up with is that you involves a angry looking dog in a sports-logo, like ice hockey […] More

  • Full-screen Websites - Royal Ascot Like Nowhere Else

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    10 Great Examples of Full-screen Websites

    Full-screen Websites can be very attractive. If you find the perfect image or background for your website, then you should consider using a full-screen as your design. Tonight I collected 10 great examples that used the entire screen, instead of traditional design. 10 Great Examples of Full-screen Websites 24h for a resourceful future Very cool […] More

  • Websites With Full Screen Photo Backgrounds

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    20 Websites With Full Screen Photo Backgrounds

    20 Websites with full screen photo backgrounds. The Usage of large photos as a background in your web design is gaining popularity. I believe that it´s the perfect choice for like portfolio sites. But why be so strict? Would it be wrong to put it in say a big brand. Well it depends as always […] More

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    New Fresh Logotypes From July 2013

    New fresh logotypes from July 2013. I collected 20 examples of new logotypes from various sites and put together a best of Jyly 2013 list. I used 5 different sites to grab these 20 Logotypes. I picked out the ones that in my opinion stood out and also matched the criteria for quality logotypes. It […] More

  • efficient landing pages inspiration

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    15 Efficient Landing Pages Inspiration

    15 efficient landing pages inspiration is tonight’s post. Internet is full of creative webdesigns and illustrations and so on. The web designers are the creators of the things we will remember on the internet. A webdesigner must be an entrepreneurial spirit. The competition is overwhelming and only the best designers get recognized. But it´s more […] More

  • London Underground Signs From Past To Present

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    London Underground Signs From Past To Present

    London Underground signs from past to present Baker Street was one of the original stops on London’s Underground system. The station opened in 1863. It incorporates the world’s first underground railway, which opened in 1863 and now forms part of the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, as well as the first line to […] More

  • Web Design Trends

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    Web Design Trends for 2013

    Web Design Trends for 2013 is tonight’s post. This is an infographic on what´s hot and  reveals the trends for 2013. In times characterized by highly developed information technology, businesses with online presence can’t afford giving anything less than 100% effort. They cannot afford to ignore technological innovations because this can be the difference between […] More

  • New Inspiring Logotypes Showcase


    New Inspiring Logotypes Showcase

    New inspiring logotypes showcase. Tonight I collected out the best and most beautiful logotypes from different logo sites. I am no expert of logotypes, but I know some criteria that has to be fulfilled for a successful logo. With that in my back head I picked out 15 new and inspiring logotypes. We see the […] More

  • The New Trend Of Using Polygonal Art In Web Design

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    The New Trend Of Using Polygonal Art In Web Design

    The new trend of using polygonal art in web design is here to stay. Today we see it often in the stylization for logotypes or adding extra dimensions to backgrounds and illustrations. This gives the background an interesting depth and adds fantasy to the page.  It transforms the standard page into something extraordinary with adding […] More

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    10 Awesome New Websites With Big Interactive Backgrounds

    Here is 10 awesome new websites with big interactive backgrounds. With all new features of HTML5 and the fact that most users today surf with a quick internet connection has turned many websites into a multimedia experiences. Some websites uses the big image as background in a very clever way. I think that it works […] More

  • Responsive Web Designs

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    16 Responsive Web Designs That Rocks

    Welcome to 16 Responsive Web Designs That Rocks In Design And Creativity. The concept of responsive web design is that it fills the gap between screens, ipads and smrtphones. The challenge has been to fulfil the gap with all the new sizes of screen resolution among the users. In short  Responsive Web Design (often abbreviated […] More

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