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  • Journal Opencart Theme

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    I´m In Love With Journal Opencart Theme

    I´m In Love With Journal Opencart Theme! I been searching the entire net after a responsive and elegant Opencart Theme. The task has taken a long time and after struggling through bad and mediocre themes and up to good themes, I think that the Journal – Premium & Responsive Opencart Theme knocks the rest with […] More

  • Logo Creations From Mypixel Factory


    2 Logo Creations From Mypixel Factory

    2 Logo creations from Mypixel factory. Yesterday I started a logotype rally and today I finished having produced 2 logotypes. The processing of making logotypes is not an easy task. I am not any expert, but I like to do them and I have some basic understanding about their criteria s for being a quality […] More

  • Photoshop Gradients On Mona Lisa

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    Tested Photoshop Gradients On Mona Lisa

    Tested Photoshop Gradients On Mona Lisa. I tested the gradients on the people image the other day. Tonight I felt like doing a gradient version of Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa (La Gioconda or La Joconde) is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as “the best known, the […] More

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    Tested Out Yesterdays Gradients

    Tested Out Yesterdays Gradients. Tonight I tested out some of the free gradients I published yesterday. I took an image from Google images and then added a new layer with gradients. Then I added different blending modes to them.The result was quite astonishing. Very colourful and vibrant images sprung out from a dull original image. […] More

  • Marilyn Monroe Vintage Beauty

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    Marilyn Monroe Vintage Beauty

    Marilyn Monroe vintage beauty is what I publish today. I grabbed a image from Google and turned her into a real vintage beauty. The list contains 9 different images that are all based on one image. She was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson 1926 and become a actress, model, and singer. After spending much of […] More

  • Stop Illegal Hunting Poster art

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    Stop Illegal Hunting Poster Art

    Stop illegal hunting poster art is tonight’s post. I been all day at work and then I had to do several other things. The tiredness hit me and I felt for publish something. But I hadn´t a clue of what to publish. So I picked a photo of a lion and turned it into a […] More

  • Tested Out 5 Photoshop Actions Tonight

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    Tested Out 5 Photoshop Actions Tonight

    For those who is unfamiliar with Photoshop actions, they’re simply pre-recorded tasks that do the work for you. Photoshop actions have a ATN file extension. Installing Photoshop action is easy. You download it and then copy it directly inside your Adobe Photoshop – Presets – Action folder. Alternatively, you can hit the little arrow on the […] More

  • Colour Touch


    Creative Black & White With Colour Touch From Me

    A creative black & white with colour touch made by me is following up the previous post. I got inspired and felt I had to do one as well. It is a post-processing technique where you turn most of the photo into a black and white, but you leave out some parts that remains coloured.. […] More

  • Text Effect Inspired by “Infamous 2″


    Text Effect Inspired by “Infamous 2″

    A couple of days I published a list of 11 fresh Photoshop tutorials. I try to do all tutorials I publish, but sometimes the time is against me and other times I fall short of knowledge. But I decided to take on Text Effect Inspired by “Infamous 2″ as I admired the outcome. I did […] More

  • Using Dingbats In Logotypes


    Using Dingbats In Logotypes

    What about using Dingbats in logotypes. Yesterday I went to Dafont to update my font library. I did get some fresh new fonts and what more, I realized that Dingbats are just like custom shapes, so I decided to download a some and use them to create logotypes. So here I publish some logotypes and […] More

  • Vogue Posters In Different Styles


    Vogue Posters In Different Styles

    While watching the US election results on the telly I did some Vogue Posters In different styles in Photoshop. I did them with a bit unusual touch and just for fun. While waiting for the result I decided to publish them here. They all consists of the same brick wall background and then I added […] More

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