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  • The Great Gatsby typeface

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    The Great Gatsby typeface

    The Great Gatsby typeface. Like Minded Studio was honoured to collaborate with Baz Luhrman, Catherine Martin & Bazmark team on the branding of  “The Great Gatsby”. The aim was to realise Baz’s vision and develop a bespoke Deco styled logo reflective of the roaring 20s and Fitzgerald’s masterpiece. The letter-forms were customised and refined to […] More

  • Typeface Classifications

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    A Short Guide To Typeface Classifications

    Typeface classifications could be useful to understand. Here is a rough guide to grasp the basics of Typeface classifications. The picture shows another kind of typeface that one could interpret into the word Fontface. A Short Guide To Typeface Classifications Blackletter A script style of calligraphy made with a broad-nibbed pen using vertical, curved and […] More

  • Guide About Typography

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    A Quick Guide About Typography

    A quick guide about typography. Since the early days of the written word, lettering and the creation of each letter has been a form of art. Typography is the art of type (letter) design and the arranging of that type.So an A is always an A, but in different context. It´s beautiful. Line Spacing is […] More