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    Interesting WordPress Facts As Infographic

    WordPress is getting more and more popular and I can clearly see why. I have some experience with Joomla but I do prefer WordPress and here are some very interesting WordPress facts. Hello Dolly was the first WordPress plugin. Then in June 2012 there were nearly 20. 000 plugins around! Akismet service and the well […] More

  • Been Hacked


    Back Again After Been Hacked

    Back again after been hacked. This Wednesday night someone hacked this site. It resulted in that I couldn´t access my site and that´s very frustrating, mildly speaking. This took me a lot of extra-time to restore everything via back up. I know that there is a lot of CMS sites that are being attacked on […] More

  • Free Cool jQuery Plugins


    A List Of 30 Free Cool jQuery Plugins

    Free cool jQuery plugins! The jQuery has really changed the look of the web due to it´s powerful code. It´s being used for photo galleries or slide shows or to add some cool animations. Since the jQuery has become so popular I publish a list of 30 great and free plugins for you. For your […] More

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  • 12 Essential Plugins - WordPress Facts and Figures

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    Infographic On WordPress Facts and Figures

    WordPress facts and figures. We who uses WordPress shares the experience with well over 25 million users in some form. WordPress started from a very humble beginning, to now power 8.5% of the entire internet. WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% […] More

  • Is WordPress The Best CMS

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    Is WordPress The Best CMS ?

    Is WordPress The Best CMS? There are many CMS’s available, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and so on. In my opinion WordPress is a better content management system than Joomla, Drupal or any of the other competitors. The major reason I think is that WordPress is so simple to work with and it´s easier to change the […] More

  • SEO Optimize


    SEO Optimize A Post in WordPress

    When you have written your post, you just got to make sure people finds it. In order to write a perfectly SEO optimized blog post, we need to think about it just as a web page and follow the tips below. We  focus  on WordPress, for it is pretty easy to optimize for the search […] More

  • Plugins to Boost Your Traffic


    Some Good Plugins to Boost Your Traffic

    Now we will check out some good Plugins to Boost Your traffic. If you have a blog or similar you want to get visitors around. So how do you make your blog visible? Well first you got to take care of the details and make it SEO friendly. Here are some good plugins that take […] More