10 Fresh Gradients For Photoshop

10 Fresh Gradients For Photoshop. The gradients are very convenient and adds a fresh style to your images or other when you use the blending options settings in harmony with gradients. These are a bit different from the ordinary gradients one is used to see.  The Gradient tool creates a gradual blend between multiple colors. You can choose from preset gradient fills or create your own.

But sometimes the lack of inspiration makes these gradients unbeatable and the convenience of just having them there is a comfort thought.  I will use some of these gradients in a Photoshop tutorial very soon. So hold your eyes wide open.

Gradient Editor overview

To display the Gradient Editor dialog box, click the current gradient sample in the options bar. (When you hover over the gradient sample, a tool tip reading “Click to edit gradient” appears.)

The Gradient Editor dialog box lets you define a new gradient by modifying a copy of an existing gradient. You can also add intermediate colors to a gradient, creating a blend between more than two colors.


Gradient Editor dialog box
A. Panel menu B. Opacity stop C.Color stops D.Adjust values or delete the selected opacity or color stop E. Midpoint

 10 Fresh Gradients For Photoshop.

First Time

Gradients For Photoshop.

5 FREE Photoshop Gradients [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/45054-first-time” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Who’s Unhappy?

Gradients For Photoshop.

The set includes 5 gradients. [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/45751-who-s-unhappy-photoshop-gradients” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Berry Love


Grab the berry love gradient [button color=”blue” link=”http://titi-montoya.net/2013/01/photoshop-gradients-berry-love/” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Divine Loyalty


Striking Photoshop Gradients [button color=”blue” link=”http://titi-montoya.net/2013/01/photoshop-gradients-divine-loyalty/” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Your Initials


5 FREE Photoshop Gradients [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/45702-your-initials” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Loyal Female


5 FREE Photoshop Gradients [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/45422-loyal-female” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Lone Wolf


5 FREE Photoshop Gradients [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/45110-lone-wolf” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Vampire Mistress


5 sultry Photoshop Gradients [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/44087-vampire-mistress” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

Self Help


5 Photoshop Gradients included [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/43505-self-help” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]



5 Photoshop Gradients [button color=”blue” link=”http://www.brusheezy.com/gradients/42759-spat” target=”blank”]Grab gradient[/button]

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