12 Fresh Photoshop Brush Sets For Free

12 fresh Photoshop brush sets for free.  Isn´t life great?  Grab them to increase your toolbox and test them out.  I have around 30 extra brush sets and they are constantly growing. Occasionally I remove some brush sets, but I add more than I remove, so the toolbox grows constantly.  These adds up to a total of 140 brushes to play with.

I noticed one thing that is great with these free brushes. They are free, just kidding, they are of a new concept. Usually it´s smoke and grunge and they all look quite similar. But these are more useful. But if you don´t have any smoke sets or grunge sets, you should add them to your toolbox. It´s very simple to install brushes in Photoshop.

I always copy the brush and then go to C/Program/Adobe / Photoshop / Presets / Brushes and then just paste it in. While you are there you can just delete ones you don´t like any more.  But now head on to 12 fresh Photoshop brush sets for free.

12 Fresh Photoshop Brush Sets For Free

Greek Ornamental Brushes – Set of 19 Brushes


Speckle Brushes – Set of 5 Brushes


High Resolution Texture Brushes  – Contains 9 Brushes


Feathers and Birds Brushes – Contains 12 Brushes


Aliens Brushes – Contains 10 Brushes


Old Technical Drawings Brushes – Contains 10 Brushes


Hi Res Heads Up Display – Contains 30 Brushes


Gritty and Dirty Brushes – Contains 7 Brushes


Subtle Brush Set – Contains 15 Brushes


Nature Silhouettes – Contains 19 Brushes


Fractal #7 Brushes  – Contains 5 Brushes

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