Beautiful Freebie Iceberg UI Kit from pixelkit

Here is a beautiful freebie UI kit Iceberg in PSD, all free to download. This week I got a mail from Olga at pixelkit and she offered me a delightful Kit to put up on my website as a freebie.

My choice fell on the stunning iceberg kit and it is really delightful. I haven`t had any time for working on this website, but at occasions like this I am happily make an exception.

It´s very beautiful and I strongly recommend it in your design. So go ahead and grab this freebie for your next project. The elegant kit is brought to you by pixelkit.com.

Here you can preview the PSD

Click on the image to enlarge
Beautiful freebie UI kit Iceberg in PSD

Beautiful freebie UI kit Iceberg in PSD

You can download the file here – zipped version

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