how users are interacting on Google+

How Users Interact with Google+ [Infographic]

Google+ as a Infographic is a great way to understand the benefits you can gain from the  community. This visual guide details how users are interacting on Google+ to engage how brands can utilize the network with their community.

625 000 new users every day is not something you should neglect.  That is 625.000 new friends in your circles or customers every day. The Google+ button is pressed 5 billion times every day.

Another very interesting fact is that websites containing the Google+ button generate 3.5x the Google+ visits than sites without the button.

It´s a lot of more interesting facts in the Infographic. While I´m at the topic of Google+ we head on to the next paragraph that deals with the new sign in features of the +1 platform.

Google announced a new sign-in feature to the +1 platform. The new feature will allow users to sign in to web and mobile apps using existing Google account login information.

The new feature is simple to use, secure and will block any social spam.

How Users Interact with Google+ [Infographic]

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How Users Interact with Google+

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