You Are the Social Media you’re Using

You Are the Social Media you’re Using

You are the social media you’re using! New reports and new theories pops out on a everyday basis. And maybe we can learn something from it.

I found this infographic to be really hilarious. The infographic is designed by The Maple Kind with the social media at focus. Are you what you use? Is users of Facebook different from users of Twitter?

I personally heads for Twitter when I got some spare time and Facebook is so boring. Even though all my friends irl are on Facebook,

I get more out of Twitter. So what is that revealing about me? I don´t know how much one can ascribe it to be a matter of truth, but never the less, they are quite funny.

I read a couple of days something about a report on human characters that was dealing with our preferences for films and writers and what we posted to Facebook and Twitter.

But that was a scientific report, but I just come to think about it.

Do you feel that this is reflecting you in any way? The Infographic also brings up to surface the old saying that the dogs says a lot about their owners. Well I have a cat so i can escape this one lol.

You are the social media you’re using

You Are the Social Media you’re Using

The social media you’re using is what you are! Designed by The Maple Kind. Please share your comment.


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