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  • The Internet War Report 2013

    Infographic – The Internet War Report 2013

    In this great infographic – The Internet War Report 2013, from , they examine the current state of the internet based on areas of market share: browser, mobile vendor, non-mobile operating system, social media, and mobile operating system. It is very interesting facts and there is definitely a war out there. When it comes […] More

  • Web Design Trends

    Web Design Trends for 2013

    Web Design Trends for 2013 is tonight’s post. This is an infographic on what´s hot and  reveals the trends for 2013. In times characterized by highly developed information technology, businesses with online presence can’t afford giving anything less than 100% effort. They cannot afford to ignore technological innovations because this can be the difference between […] More

  • The Psychology Of Colours

    The Psychology Of Colours – Infographic

    The Psychology Of Colours. How much does the colours affect people and what colours affects what?  This is a very interesting topic. For retailers, shopping is the art of persuasion. Though there is many things that influence how and what consumers buy. However, a great deal is decided by visual ones, the strongest and most […] More

  • Infographic About Responsive Design

    A Responsive Infographic About Responsive Design

    Yesterday I received a mail from Sitefinity. I got extremely glad for the attention and I was so tired after all day at work so I didn´t know what to publish and my mind was blank. The mail concerned a responsive infographic about responsive design that I could publish here at my site. The world of […] More

  • Interesting WordPress Facts As Infographic

    WordPress is getting more and more popular and I can clearly see why. I have some experience with Joomla but I do prefer WordPress and here are some very interesting WordPress facts. Hello Dolly was the first WordPress plugin. Then in June 2012 there were nearly 20. 000 plugins around! Akismet service and the well […] More

  • Most Popular CMS for Your Business Needs

    The Most Popular CMS for Your Business Needs

    The Most Popular CMS for Your Business Needs! Tonight I received a email from Alfred at dotcominfoway with a offer to publish a infographic that provides a summary of the fundamentals of content management systems, the industries in which they are used in and the various types of CMS´s available. It provides details of the […] More

  • Internet Privacy

    Internet Privacy Infographic

    Internet Privacy – Do You Know Who’s Watching You? This great but scary infographic is Property of WordStream, Inc.Today more than ever the Privacy is under attack and the privacy on the internet has become an increasingly difficult task. I don´t reflect to much of it, but I am very aware of all the dangers […] More

  • facts about responsive web design

    Infographic On The Responsive Web Design

    Tonight I received a mail from Alfred at Dot Com Infoway and they had done a great Infographic about responsive web design. So this article is inspired from their works and I even use their descriptive article text . “Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has recently unveiled its latest infographic which puts the spotlight on one […] More

  • facts about responsive web design

    Facts About Responsive Web Design (Infographic)

    This great infographic  provides you with detailed information and facts about responsive web design. What is it and why is it so important. Today many new WordPress and HTML templates are build for with responsive design in mind. With our new way of exploring the web via smart phones and Ipads it´s defiantly here to […] More

  • Typeface Illustrated As Infographic

    When You Need To Set The Typeface lllustrated As Infographic

    Do you have a project going on and have difficulties to decide what typeface to use. Maybe you writing a book or a lexicon or similar. Then this is a great post for you to read! Or maybe I should say see, since it is a infographic. So let´s head on to the content of  […] More

  • Graphic Designers Road Map

    Graphic Designers Road Map

    Graphic Designers Road Map In this infographic poster you can see things which will help you to become a better designer. Graphic Designers Road Map More

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