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  • 10 Beautiful Dog Inspired Logotypes

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    10 Beautiful Dog Inspired Logotypes

    Check out some Dog Inspired Logotypes.Every company needs a good logo and when it comes to companies involving dogs, well then the dog should be at focus, and by no means look angry! The only exceptions I can come up with is that you involves a angry looking dog in a sports-logo, like ice hockey […] More

  • Cool Retro Logos

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    15 Elegant Designs Of Cool Retro Logos

    15 elegant designs of cool retro logos. I have written several posts on the topic of logotypes and also showcased some of my favourites. Well it´s time for that again and we go retro as well. The logo of a company is vital for your strategy. It have to catch the interest and yet be […] More

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    New Fresh Logotypes From July 2013

    New fresh logotypes from July 2013. I collected 20 examples of new logotypes from various sites and put together a best of Jyly 2013 list. I used 5 different sites to grab these 20 Logotypes. I picked out the ones that in my opinion stood out and also matched the criteria for quality logotypes. It […] More

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  • Cartoon Character Mashups Of Logotypes

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    Cartoon Character Mashups Of Logotypes

    Cartoon character mashups of logotypes is today´s post. The artist Stefan Asafti provides us with cartoons as brands?” What if the world was ONE BIG CARTOON? How would great brands look like, inspired by cartoon characters? Well, below you may find the answer. There is a special relationship between the character and the brand. It’s […] More

  • Logo Creations From Mypixel Factory


    2 Logo Creations From Mypixel Factory

    2 Logo creations from Mypixel factory. Yesterday I started a logotype rally and today I finished having produced 2 logotypes. The processing of making logotypes is not an easy task. I am not any expert, but I like to do them and I have some basic understanding about their criteria s for being a quality […] More

  • 20 New Dark Logotypes Inspiration From May

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    20 New Dark Logotypes Inspiration From May

    Tonight II searched the web for 20 new dark logotypes inspiration from May. I used seven different logotypes sites to fill the list. A logo is a perspicuous glyph or symbolic, identifying mark that conveys origin, identity, or ownership. The main function is to elicit recognition. The complex things about logos is how “simple” they […] More

  • New Inspiring Logotypes Showcase


    New Inspiring Logotypes Showcase

    New inspiring logotypes showcase. Tonight I collected out the best and most beautiful logotypes from different logo sites. I am no expert of logotypes, but I know some criteria that has to be fulfilled for a successful logo. With that in my back head I picked out 15 new and inspiring logotypes. We see the […] More

  • Beautiful Ice Hockey Logotypes Showcase

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    Beautiful Ice Hockey Logotypes Showcase

    Beautiful Ice Hockey Logotypes Showcase! When I write this article we are in the middle of the Ice Hockey World Championship. The event is being played in Stockholm and the Globe arena.It is a annual men’s ice hockey tournament organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). First officially held at the 1920 Summer Olympics, […] More

  • Beautiful Cat Logotypes Showcase

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    Beautiful Cat Logotypes Showcase

    Beautiful cat logotypes showcase. Tonight I searched around the web for interesting and beautiful logotypes that had a cat symbol or image. As a cat owner it was a delightful search. There are approximately 220 million domestic cats in the world, according to the International Federation for Animal Health Europe (IFAH). Traditionally, historians tended to […] More

  • New Creative Logotypes

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    20 Absolutely New Creative Logotypes

    20 absolutely new creative logotypes that I hand-picked from Logopond, Logosauce and Logomoose.  I´m not saying that these are the best, but they are in my opinion very good. The making of a logotype is not an easy task. They have to be unique and catch the feeling of the company. They should also be […] More

  • fresh hand picked Logotypes

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    Here Are 15 Fresh Hand Picked Logotypes

    Here are 15 fresh hand picked Logotypes for you. After a long day at work I spend the night by picking out some fresh logotypes. The logotypes is picked from 3 different logotype source sites. They come from from, and I have not categorized them and the criteria for hand picking these […] More

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