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  • Is WordPress The Best CMS

    Find The WordPress Plugins That Fits Your Website

    I been running WordPress blogs for several years. I have also good experience with Joomla and a bit lesser in Drupal.  But I stick to WordPress because it´s very straightforward and stable combined with all the free plugins. They give your website more capabilities and interaction with social media and even can change the design. […] More

  • Great WP Plugins For Image Performance

    10 Great WP Plugins For Image Performance

    10 great WP plugins for image performance. It´s easy to forget the importance of images when it comes to SEO and page-load. If you have been cheating with these topics or just not paid any attention to it, then this post is for you. You might wondering why you should care? Say people looking for […] More

  • Best WordPress Plugins You Should Know Of

    Time to examine the Best WordPress Plugins. WordPress is a software you can use to create lovely websites. WordPress is today used on large commercial websites and on millions of  bloggers sharing their thoughts and interests. To spice up the blog, there is several plugins, some free and some premium. In today’s post I list […] More

  • calendar plugins for booking events

    11 WordPress Calendar Plugins For Event Bookings

    Do you run a site that has scheduled events? Then this article should be in your interest as it lists 11 awesome calendar plugins for booking events and navigating post archives. With these plugins your visitors can book tickets for your events or book a online course or similar. So here are some plugins that […] More

  • Free Cool jQuery Plugins

    A List Of 30 Free Cool jQuery Plugins

    Free cool jQuery plugins! The jQuery has really changed the look of the web due to it´s powerful code. It´s being used for photo galleries or slide shows or to add some cool animations. Since the jQuery has become so popular I publish a list of 30 great and free plugins for you. For your […] More

  • Protect Your Blog

    Protect Your Blog From Being Hacked With Some Good Plugins

    Protect Your Blog! It is a tragic thing, but several blogs get hacked every second and once you get hacked, it can be really hazardous to put everything back in order again. So to avoid or minimize that risk I publish a list with some good plugins to protect your blog from being hacked. I […] More

  • 12 Essential Plugins - WordPress Facts and Figures

    12 Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Blog – Infographic

    Here is 12 essential plugins! We all love Infographics( I hope ) and most of us use WordPress or Joomla as our CMS tools. WordPress has thousands of plugins that helps us adding  more features to it.  So it is always a good strategy to pick out some essential plugins for your blog, This infographic by […] More