Explosion Effect On Megan Fox In Photoshop

So it´s time for a little Photoshop explosion effect tutorial, there are several similar around the web, but I haven´t seen this version and I think my solution is quite cool and very simple.

So grab a picture, preferable a face and then just follow these steps or experiment around with different techniques. So lets head on to the tutorial.

megan fox

Sorry Megan for ruin your beautiful face

 Explosion Effect On Megan Fox In Photoshop

1 – Open your image in Photoshop and then choose the Rectangle Marquee Tool and draw squares or rectangles on one side of the face. When you are satisfied you go to

2 – Go to Edit – Copy -Fill. This will fill it in a new layer. You don´t see anything yet.

3 –  copy the new layer and go back and choose the first layer, eg, the one above the background. Right click with your mouse on that layer and select Blending Options – Color Overlay and set that to Black. This give the face the cut out feeling.

4 –  Select the copy layer and then go to Move Tool that is just beside the Rectangle Marquee Tool and make sure the tick boxShow Transforms Control” is checked. Its just beneath the Select in your menu bar in the top and drag that layer to the right.

5 – Now we got to Spherize it. Make sure you have the skin layer active and then Go to Filter – Distort – Spherize and set the Spherize to around 30%. This gives it a nice round touch.


Explosion Effect On Megan Fox In Photoshop

    Explosion Effect On Megan Fox In Photoshop

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