JonnyA brief introduction to about me. Actually I have a lot of idea’s about almost anything !
I am 46 years at age and residences in Uppsala.
My big dream is to move to Cairo and just walk around the streets and be absorbed by the city !

A couple of years ago I worked in Egypt and I quite often took the bus to Cairo.

I mean, that city has everything except the boring winter and there is hardly any crime´s committed at all. It´s a super safe city, if you exclude the political aspect.

But the thing that stops me is the uncertainty, It´s all right to
spend a few months there but a totally different thing to resident permanently.
Maybe you get fed up with the noise and pollution after 8
months or so, then you don´t have a home to go back to.

I have a big interest in design, specially modern design that I consider as a gift to mankind.

Everything from interior design to web design. Mathematics fascinates me and also philosophy that I studied at our university here in Uppsala.

Once a week I go and sing karaoke and this gives me a nice feeling. For a brief moment one feels like a true born rock star.

This thing is quite exceptional, normally I am a bit shy and don’t like to be in the centre of the public but when I enter the arena I am like a tiger.

My aim is to build up a page that deals with web design trends and to have quality logo´s on the site for sale.. When I was 18 I went to Singapore for 3 months and as all tourists do I went for a Singapore sling at Raffles. But maybe I more than anyone else looked more on the design of Raffles than the drink itself.

So there you have it