A Responsive Infographic About Responsive Design

Yesterday I received a mail from Sitefinity. I got extremely glad for the attention and I was so tired after all day at work so I didn´t know what to publish and my mind was blank. The mail concerned a responsive infographic about responsive design that I could publish here at my site.

The world of responsive design is a major topic nowadays, but a responsive infographic? Well it´s just awesome. The image you see here is just a static version that I received in my mail. But you should check out the original 100% responsive infographic. So I must say a big thanks to Anita who provided me with this masterpiece.

The responsive infographic is the first i ever seen and whatever you do, don´t you miss it`Go and visit their site to see the new standards of infographics. I am a great fan of infographics and who isn´t?


So with permission from the wonderful people at sitefinity you can step into the future design of responsive infographic´s.

A Responsive Infographic About Responsive Design

Infographic About Responsive Design


Now that you seen the static version, go ahead and visit the responsive version here.


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