Do You Know About Kuler Palette?

Kuler palette

The set up of colors  comes very early in a design process. The Kuler palette is an online map-oriented tool for experimenting with different map coloring schemes.

The online color palette creator from Adobe (Flash, multi-platform; free registration required)  lets you create and view your own color palette, or browse and modify palettes created by others. There’s a ranking system that lets you give a rating (1-5 stars) for palettes, and you can browse by popular (most downloads) or highest star ratings.

They can also be searched via keyword like “lemon”or you can browse them at a completely random basis. Generally, you just need one idea to begin with; Kuler can then show you an impressive array of variations on that single starting point.


The Kuler palette

Kuler palette

Kuler also has a new feature called “Pulse” that meticulously tracks the kinds of color palettes that are being downloaded on a daily basis. Using “Pulse,” a designer could make inferences on recent design trends. They could also examine which colors are being widely used and which are truly rare commodities.


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