Infographic – The Internet War Report 2013

In this great infographic – The Internet War Report 2013, from , they examine the current state of the internet based on areas of market share: browser, mobile vendor, non-mobile operating system, social media, and mobile operating system.

The Internet War Report 2013

It is very interesting facts and there is definitely a war out there. When it comes to operating systems Windows 7 has the largest share with 51% of the worldwide market (June 2013) while Apple’s OSX has 7.5% of the market.


As no surprise we find that Facebook dominates social media referrals with 71% of the world market (June 2013). By comparison, Pinterest has 8.8%.

Google Chrome has 43% of the worldwide browser market, making it the global browser champion (June 2013). Samsung is the world mobile vendor market leader with 25% market share (6/13).

In the U.S. & U.K. Apple is the market leader. 38% of all mobile phones run on Android, making it the mobile OS leader worldwide (6/13). Apple’s iOS, however, is number one in the U.S. & U.K.

The Internet War Report 2013

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The Internet War Report 2013
Source: Internet War Report – Infographic


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