Test Your Website Loading Time

Test Your Website Loading Time. Numerous factors make up the search engine algorithm, one of which is page load time. People are impatient and want immediate answers when searching for information.

If your website loads slowly, visitors won’t wait around and the search engines take note.  See how fast your website loads from over 50 locations worldwide.

With online application you can easily check your site with real browsers and get snapshots and waterfall charts for each check.


Choose from Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. For each subsequent check you can choose a specific location and browser profile,  and download the timing results in the Http Archive (HAR) format.

Test your website at

Check your website page load speed

Test Your Website Loading Time At Webpagetest

Test Your Website Loading Time

A online tool to measure website loading time – performance of your web pages from different geographical locations (US, UK, NL, DE, China,New Zealand).

Tool measure loading time in 2 runs, on the first and second visit (good to see if your caching works good). At the end of test you’ll get detailed results about compressions, caching, CSS, JS, ..

In detailed optimization results you can see what optimization steps you failed at, some graphs, optimization checklist, etc.

Other similar online tools is Load Impact and Google PageSpeed Online and Pingdom.


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