Awesome Dollar Origami List

awesome dollar origami

The dollar is the worlds most known currency. People use the dollar for anything and some tries even to do counterfeits. But people also use the notes for awesome dollar origami.

Money origami or Orikane as it is properly known as is the Art of Money Folding and is the fastest growing paper folding technique today.  Amazing that people could spare the notes for folding!

So lets see the awesome dollar origami list!

1. T-Shirt


2. Bear

3. Butterfly

4. Camera

5. Crab

6. Dragon

7. Eiffel Tower

8. Fish

9. Heart

10. Two Hearts

11. Jacket

12. Penguin

13. Fish Tank

14. Rooster

15. Scorpions

16. Shark

17. Spider

18. Tank

19. Toilet

20. Turkey

21. X-Wing


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