Infographic On The Responsive Web Design

facts about responsive web design

Tonight I received a mail from Alfred at Dot Com Infoway and they had done a great Infographic about responsive web design. So this article is inspired from their works and I even use their descriptive article text .

“Dot Com Infoway (DCI) has recently unveiled its latest infographic which puts the spotlight on one of the most recent and advanced techniques used in the web design industry. Titled “Responsive Web Design:

A Paradigm Shift in the Industry”, the infographic provides insights on the concept of responsive web design and the reasons for its rising popularity.


Facts and figures about Internet usage on mobiles vs. desktops are presented in a lucid, engaging format. According to statistics, mobile Internet usage has been growing staggeringly over the past few years and is expected to overtake desktop Internet usage by the year 2013.

From 800 million mobile Internet users in 2009, the count is projected to reach 1.9 billion by the year 2015.

Clearly, mobile devices are beginning to rule the roost and responsive web design is the ideal way to tap the complete potential of the online marketplace.

Responsive web design is indeed a breakthrough in the industry that has essentially redefined trends throughout the global business landscape”.

Infographic On The Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

Credit to Dot Com Infoway


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