Vinyl Covers As Art Objects

Vinyl covers as art

Vinyl covers as art objects. I belong to the generation that went to the record store and browsed the vinyl’s. It was a special feeling and some of the albums were masterpieces when we talk design. The fascinating thing was that the different category’s had different design.

Usually one could categorize the music by just looking at the album cover. Today we have lost some of the sentiment in the music arena. But let´s have a nostalgia trip and explore some really cool vinyl covers.

Vinyl Covers As Art Objects

I start with Roxy Music and their manifesto album. I bought it a long time and the cover symbolizes flair and luxury. That is typical for Brian Ferry and his Roxy Music.


Vinyl Covers As Art Objects - manifesto

Next up is Ramones and I still today admire their music very much. You see it´s raw and dirty and naked. Straight on.


We continue with Pixies and their grunge and heavy music and the cover is a good description of the song / band.


Another raw and furious cover is from “The Clash”.

The Clash

So we move to the sixties and the Beach boys. It´s very much summertime..

Beach boys

This is one of my favourite bands of all the time – The Smiths. I have all their albums and also several with Morrissey as a solo artist.

The Smiths

As a perfect ending of this post we see John Cusack reorganizing his record collection in the great film High Fidelity.

John Cusack reorganizing his record collection
John Cusack reorganizing his record collection


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