2 Logo Creations From Mypixel Factory

2 Logo creations from Mypixel factory. Yesterday I started a logotype rally and today I finished having produced 2 logotypes. The processing of making logotypes is not an easy task. I am not any expert, but I like to do them and I have some basic understanding about their criteria s for being a quality logotype.

Choosing the right colour, shape and size is an important and time-consuming mission. Bear in mind that it has to represents the company’s name for many many years. It is a vital and irreplaceable component in the success of a corporation.

The ones I did is not real, they are just for imaginary companies. But never the less I tried to think and visualize the company before I proceeded.


In today’s interface adaptive world, the use of a logo will be formatted and re-formatted from large monitors to small hand-held devices. With the constant size change and re-formatting, logo designers are shifting to a more bold and simple approach, with heavy lines and shapes, and solid colours.

2 Logotypes Creations From Mypixel Factory

Delta airlines

Delta airlines

Gusta Steakhouse




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