Creative Black & White With Colour Touch From Me

Colour Touch

A creative black & white with colour touch made by me is following up the previous post. I got inspired and felt I had to do one as well.

It is a post-processing technique where you turn most of the photo into a black and white, but you leave out some parts that remains coloured.. You do this in any photo editing software´s such as Photoshop or similar.

Creative black and white photography is usually very expressive but sometimes keeping a part in colour makes it totally different. It emphasizes parts of the photo and hence draws more attention to the subject. I found this picture that I thought was pretty cool and applied a colour touch.


But it was not that easy with all the leafs on the right side of the picture. It was a bit of a challenge in the middle of the night. But it turned out quite good in my humble opinion. As a scooter owner I really enjoyed working with this picture.

Black & White With Colour Touch

This was the original image

Colour Touch

After the colour touch!

The same image after the colour touch!


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