100 Social Monochrome Icon´s For Free

Social Monochrome Icon´s

In today’s post I picked out some Social Monochrome Icon´s that I found very attractive. They have a monochrome style and is designed with simplicity in mind. Provided in vector format, they are fully editable and scale smoothly.

They are completely free, even for commercial use, redistribution or remixing (see License).

The original artwork in vector format is provided in .AI and .EPS format (editable in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDRAW and Inkscape).


Each icon is presented on its own artboard (for more convenient export) – the artboards and paths are all named. The icons are (by default) 90px x 90px on 100px x 100px artboards (5px margins).

Also provided are individual files for each icon, in .PNG and .SVG format. The .PNG icons are 32px x 32px PNG-32s, black on a transparent background. The .SVG icons are 100px x 100px, with a black fill colour.

The icons are distributed under the Free Art License, and as such can be copied, distributed, transformed and used as you please.

Demo and download: alexpeattie

Enjoy the social icons and don´t forget to share the freebies with your friends


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