20 Superb Free Icon Sets Everyone Should Have

20 superb free Icon sets

Here is a list of 20 superb free Icon sets everyone should have at their hands. The Icons can be used to customize your desktop or use them for your website. Icons always comes in very handy and the list below contains the crème de la crème of icons.

So enjoy the 20 superb free Icon sets everyone should have in your collection.

20 Superb Free Icon Sets Everyone Should Have

Archigraphs Porcelain Icons

The set contains 15 Porcelain Dock Icons that are created for free use.
Can be use in MacOs X, Windows XP and Windows Vista. PNG files included.


Made Of Wood

Fantastic folder icons made of wood.

Cute Critters Free Icon Pack

Awesome cute critters icon pack. This Free Icon Pack holds 13 icons for use in your personal and commercial projects.

Icons for transformers

Inspired by Transformers. The set contains 65 icons of the size 256×256 pixel.

Puck Icons Pack II

The set contains of 210 icons for pc and mac  in PNG files.


Includes icons for most Adobe applications, Microsoft Office 2008 as well as a few extras in 16, 32, 48, 128, 256 and 512 pixel sizes.


The set contains 8 lovely icons.

Web 2.0rigami

15 cool origami icons. The set includes origami icons in a variety of sizes in transparent PNG`s, and PSD and EPS files.

HP Dock Icon Set

This pack only includes the .PNG files. Every single icon is free to use commercially or not.

Qure for Adobe Creative Suite

These set has nice glossy good looking icons.

Black Pearl Files

Not for commercial use! Total of 39 PNG files in the compressed folder.

Black and Blue Icons

This set containing 6 icons. It includes iChat, iCal, iTunes, Text Edit, iPhoto, Address Book

3D Cartoon Icons Pack

Sleek icons that stand out with their unusual 3/4 profile angle and impeccably executed push-button depth.

iSuite Revoked Animated PNG

Amazing quality and speed of motion and quite unusual icon set

Heart: A Free Social Icon Set

This set has 22 social icons in .png and in resolutions 16×16, 32×32, 64×64.

Sticker Iconpack

The full set of icons ready for use with mac and pc and also a PSD included.


This set contains 5 icons.

Social Media Text Icons

Some 19 great Text Social Media Icons

Vintage Social Media Stamps

14 icons for major social media networks, as well as common content-sharing icons like an RSS feed icon and an email icon


Unusual social media icons in png file format  in the following sizes: 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512 pixels.



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