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Introducing Formee, that will to make your job little easier with their new CSS HTML forms framework. Formee provides you a fresh baked forms for your websites, they cooked a compliant web standard HTML form for you. xHTML and CSS are their main secret ingredients!

Formee is a simple framework which helps you to develop and customize web based forms, just download their framework and tweak as per your requirements and you check their reference guide for changing the look n feel of the forms to match with your websites or web applications.

Have a look to their demo, the one thing I found interesting in this framework is the form fields are flexible – since the field widths are given in percentages, their forms will be suitable for all the resolutions.


The Formee forms was built with care to preserve web standards and their semantic values, working with the smallest possible amount of tags and according to the W3C rules.

Formee works with the technique provided by Fluid 960 Grid System (created by Stephen Bau, based on the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith) to compose the form’s layout, allowing total flexibility to put it in any website or web system.

Overall I liked their simple copy paste approach towards building compliant web standard HTML forms. Let us know what do you think about this tiny and useful Formee framework?

They already made this for you.

  • Crossbrowser

    Don’t worry about having your form being rendered differently in the major browsers.

  • Flexible

    It fits into your project, it’s flexible enough to adapt to the width you have available for the form.

  • Customizable

    You can easily change between a stylish form or a minimalist one. It comes with the basic needed for you to put your touch in it.


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