PeppinoThis is my lovely cat Peppino. In the summer months he occasionally comes along to the beach with me.

While he is occupied looking at the ducks I can go swimming and be social with my friends.

He is very special and charms all my neighbours. So many says he is one of the most charming and extraordinary cats they ever seen.

He is not easy with food, but he likes tuna fish & shrimps, that´s basic all he eats.

How come that all cats like seafood ?

I guess it´s a old genetic thing that they wish to see their owners jump into the freezing cold water to grab their food and it is not in a cat´s manner to do it them self.

Peppino is almost 13 years old now and he´s been residence with me for the last 10 years. His brother Brandy lives some 5 kilometres away.

But to have a pet is also a setback, to go on vacation is not that easy any more and
he ties you up for like 2 hours every day when he´out on the yard.

But still, Peppino is a lovely
character and a devoted friend.