Trendy Typographic Poster Tutorial

typographic poster tutorial

Time to take on a typographic poster tutorial! In today´s tutorial we are doing an interesting and eye-catching poster with trendy typographic style. Get a image as the base of the design and choose a picture with varied contrasts and preferably tailored towards your chosen colour scheme.

Then set your default size and then we Goes to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and set the radius to around 120px.

typographic poster tutorial


I used this image with vibrant colours as the background. After set the Gaussian blur set a new layer and place a texture there. I used a grey concrete image. Desaturate that layer and then change the blending mode to Soft Light and change the opacity to your likings. I used none.

Then type in a word and preferable use a condensed and bold letters and set the blending mode to Soft Light or overlay. Test what is the best option.

Then rotate the text to 45 degrees and place the text layer to the top corner. Whilst holding ALT drag a copy of the text and scale into a new position. Then just be patient and be sure to scale into varying positions and that it aligns to the diagonal grid-lines.

Typographic Poster Tutorial – The Final Result

typographic poster tutorial


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