16 Smashing Photoshop Tutorials From April 2012

Smashing Photoshop Tutorials

Today´s post is a list of 16 smashing Photoshop tutorials from April 2012 that I feel are really nice and elegant. The tutorials also help´s you to improve your skills whilst having a good time! So let´s head on to the Photoshop tutorials

Just open your Photoshop program and then just enjoy your artworks!

16 Smashing Photoshop Tutorials

Create This Freezing Cold Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step-by-step process on how to create a freezing cold manipulation with Photoshop.
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Liquify Performance and Usability Enhancements in Photoshop CS6

Use the Liquify tool to enhance a photo.
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Create a High-Tech Cyborg Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Learn how to take a picture face, plasticize it and turn it into an abstract cyber artwork to create this android head in a sci-fi environment.
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“Heaven & Hell” Photo Manipulation

Create reflections in moving water, ice cube with frost on it, turn daytime photos into nighttime, and many more to create a fantasy depicting scene of heaven and hell.
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Surreal Loneliness Scene in Photoshop

Learn how to make a surreal loneliness scene.
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The Fallen Angel – Photoshop Tutorial

Learn some body retouching techniques to create fallen angel.
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Turn a Photo into an Engraved Illustration

Learn to turn a photo into an engraved illustration.
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Photo Manipulate a Surreal Coffee Machine Contraption

Learn the techniques of manipulating, retouching, masking, using brush, blending and more to create a surreal and conceptual photo manipulation.
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Golden Shiny Skin Effect

Make a golden shiny skin effect.
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Sci-Fi Style Laser Light Special Effect

Techniques on basic layer blending, selection, painting skills to design a sci-fi style laser special effect.
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Colorful Stuffed Text Effect

You will use a simple pattern, and a couple of layer styles to create a nice colorful stuffed-like text effect.
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Clean Landing Page Template in Photoshop (Free PSD)

You will use a variety of methods and techniques to create a clean and professional landing page template.
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Photo Manipulate a Surreal, Gravity-Defying Desert Scene

Create depth of field using a few advance tools, how to blend images so seamlessly that it would look like a single image using the Brush tool, the Eraser tool and several adjustment layer to create an conceptual surreal photo-manipulation.
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Can We Survive?

You will use a few stock images,some texture,some brushes, change some tones to create a dramatic, apocalyptic scene.
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City Destruction Photo Manipulation

Add smoke, fire, and explosions to create a photo manipulation of a city being destructed by robots and spaceships.
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Beautiful Abstract Artwork using Light Effects

Use custom brushes and some cool post editing techniques to create a beautiful abstract artwork.
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