Awesome Folded Photography Tutorial In Photoshop

Tonight I bumped into a lovely Photoshop folded photography tutorial on making a photo as if it had been folded and unfolded like a map!

We’ll use guides and selections to create the folded sections of the image, some gradients, a layer blend mode and one of Photoshop’s filters to add highlights and shadows, and we’ll give the fold lines a worn out look to them using a custom brush!

The estimated time is around 30 minutes and I highly recommend this one.


The tutorial from is quite straightforward and the only problem I had was to find the artistic brushes in CS6, and if that happens to you, go to Preferences > Plug-ins > Show All Filter Gallery Groups and Names and that will solve the problem.

You see both there´s result and mine and I recommend to pick another photo for the sensation of seeing a new result. Good luck!

If you like to take this on this tutorial from  you just have to visit this page!

Folded Photography Tutorial In Photoshop

Folded photography tutorial result

Folded Photography Tutorial In Photoshop


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