Is WordPress The Best CMS ?

Is WordPress The Best CMS? There are many CMS’s available, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and so on. In my opinion WordPress is a better content management system than Joomla, Drupal or any of the other competitors.

The major reason I think is that WordPress is so simple to work with and it´s easier to change the design because it is usually fewer files to edit.

But now to the list that I think is well worth bearing in mind.


Is WordPress The Best CMS

So – Is WordPress The Best CMS?

1. Administrative Back-end

Just spend a few minutes in the administrative back-end of wordpress and you get the hung of it. Compared to Joomla it´s very straightforward. WordPress has a clean, simple and intuitive design.

Menu items are named things that make sense or are at least easy to figure out. It is so easy and intuitive. WordPress administration just makes sense to the beginner with minimal training. That is a huge plus for you as a user and a web designer.

2. Resources and Documentation

There is no shortage of information about WordPress, from the very beginner to more advanced development. I know that Joomla and Drupal have similar documentation, but I experience that it was more difficult to find answers, either in a Google search or searching through their help forums.

3. Templates and design

No of the other CMS has the broad set of free templates that WordPress offers. WP has so many free designs and ready-made templates and plugins that offers everything you actually need.

4. Conclusion

I am only speaking from my own experience. I´m not claiming this to be the ultimate truth. But I have  used Joomla  in the last two years, parallel with WordPress and my gut-feeling and experience within these 2 systems gives WP the place above Joomla.

I have today 3 WordPress sites and one Joomla, so I´m not a novice, neither am I a professional. A also tried Drupal, but I got totally annoyed about all the fuzz and tons of modules to get everything in order.

Feel free to comment my experience of the different CMS systems.


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