Top 10 SEO Tips For Your WordPress Blog

Here is a list of 10 SEO tips for your WordPress blog. It is very easy to ignore the SEO and just focus on the content. But after a while one gets frustrated that so few visitors visit the blog, due to they don´t find it.

So to avoid the frustration I give you 10 SEO Tips to use on your WordPress Blog. When I started this blog I didn´t care much of the SEO, but now I gives the SEO the attention it deserves.

SEO tips for your WordPress blog


10 SEO Tips For Your WordPress Blog

1 Headers Tags:  Header tags like; H1, H2 and H3 are important tags and try to use them throughout your post. Only these 3 tags are considered by search engines and make sure at least one header tag is used in the post which includes important keywords of the topic.

2 Title optimization:  Always Use Keywords in the page title. Keywords in the title works better than the keywords you use in the Meta tag. Make sure to use the most important keywords  in the title and spread it on your article.  Think also that your title should be catchy so that, it attracts visitor from search engine results page (SERP)

3. Meta Tags Optimization: Google doesn’t even use these meta tags for ranking purposes, so in some respects optimizing these meta tags is a bit of a waste of time. But the meta description tag does still have a potential use since Google will sometimes use the content of the meta description tag as the description for a Google SERP.

4. The URL structure  The default WordPress permalinks looks like this: and that is not very sexy. You must change it into this: Go to Settings – Permalinks and choose Custom Structure and add /%category%/%postname%/ in the empty field.

5.  Sitemap: Sitemap is a must for every blog.  Search engines takes sitemaps as a priority while indexing your website.  WordPress have a lot of plug-in available for free that creates the sitemap for your blog and updates them when you add a new post. They also keep informing search engines when you have new article published.

SEO tips for your WordPress blog

6.  Optimize Your Images  Images can be a magnet!  Let´s say that they your image when they use Google Image search engine, they are likely to also visit your blog.  Along with this use the keywords in the filename of the image.

7. Use Bold, Italic, Underline Tags:  Give the keywords in your post a bold tag or underline. That adds a little more weight than normal text to your keywords.

8 . Use Maximum of 2% Keyword Density: Do not overdo the keywords and do not go above of 2% of the total words in the article as keywords.

9. Internal Links:  Use internal linking to other pages or posts. This also lets search engine bots to go to internal pages of your website.

10.  External links:  Always make  the external links open in a new window otherwise they lead your visitors away from your site and that´s really bad.


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